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November 28, 2008

Top 10 tư thế hấp dẫn (1)

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The Kama Sutra Top10 Positions

No 1 The ButterflyTo quote the legend of man-ness that is Muhammad Ali, this position will have her dancing like a butterfly while you, ahem, sting like a bee. Metaphorically speaking of course.

The perfect position for any man who’s had one too many, is facing up to round three of the night or is just inherently lazy. Lie back, admire one of, if not the, greatest views you’ll ever behold (depending on the quality of your squeeze) and think of England while she does all the hard work, just as it should be. And thanks to the deep penetration The Butterfly affords, you can both expect mind-melting orgasms aplenty. The ultimate viewing pleasure.

Position 1Position 2Position 3Position 4Position 5

No 2 The Reverse SpoonWhile it may look trickier than tying a knot with no thumbs, The Reverse Spoon is actually a one-way ticket to simple sex made sordid and stupendous.

Lying head to toe and side by side offers immediate benefits in the staring at and fondling her nethers department – a bonus for you both, and don’t let her forget it – while simultaneously showing off your experimental credentials.

The kind of position you can only dream of ending up in after a booze-fuelled game of Twister. Just remember to wash your feet first, unless you’re a ‘socks on’ kind of guy, that is.

Position 1Position 2Position 3Position 4Position 5

No 3 Lazy DoggieAs simple as no strings shagging can get, the Lazy Doggie is the perfect morning after the night before activity. She lies down, you lie on top of her and the magic happens.

All women love this position, as it’s apparently sensuous and slow and makes your man meat feel like an elephant’s leg with a pumpkin atop. It also leaves room for a little improv with your moves – the standard bump and grind is fine, but try some figure of eight hip action for guaranteed ultra-deep penetration and the kind of orgasm usually reserved for Christmases and birthdays.

Position 1Position 2Position 3Position 4Position 5

No 4 Deep DishNothing to do with the American doyens of dance who go by the same name this position will have you doing most of the work, but unlike your nine to five grind, it’s well worth the rewards.

With the missus on her back, legs akimbo and her ankles firmly in your grasp, the view is nothing short of spectacular. And with gravity on your side you’re in total control to vary speed, rhythm, penetration and thus the quality of your performance and both your orgasms.

Tease her for hours and make her come like crazy or sort yourself out sharpish and make sure you’re done in time for Match of the Day. Either way, you’re onto a winner.

Position 1Position 2Position 3Position 4Position 5

No 5 Raised MissionaryThe prime position for holding eye-to-eye contact, it may not sound like much initially but according to most women the eyes are the windows to the soul, or something. Maintain that eye contact with meaning while sending it deep and in her emotionally adrenalised state who knows what other filth she’ll suddenly let you indulge in.

With back arched and all her weight on her heels and shoulders, you’re in perfect position to take total control and dominate her. It also leaves your hands to feel, fondle and fornicate the majesty of her breasts in complete freedom. Excellent.

Position 1Position 2Position 3Position 4Position 5


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