Desire’s Studio

November 3, 2008


Filed under: fashion show, FTV, mẫu, mix — matrixm4x @ 9:56 am

DSC02309.jpg picture by vanthanhcongDSC02385.jpg picture by vanthanhcongDSC02391.jpg picture by vanthanhcongNguoimauXuanThao.jpg picture by vanthanhcongDSC_0157.jpg picture by vanthanhcongDSC_0162.jpg picture by vanthanhcongDSC_0156.jpg picture by vanthanhcongDSC_0166.jpg picture by vanthanhcongnguoimauXuanThao1trong4thisinhdaidi.jpg picture by vanthanhcongDSC02345.jpg picture by vanthanhcongDSC02348.jpg picture by vanthanhcongDSC02349.jpg picture by vanthanhcongDSC02294.jpg picture by vanthanhcongDSC02296.jpg picture by vanthanhcongDSC02302.jpg picture by vanthanhcongDSC02320.jpg picture by vanthanhcongDSC02322.jpg picture by vanthanhcongDSC02343.jpg picture by vanthanhcongDSC02274.jpg picture by vanthanhcongDSC02275.jpg picture by vanthanhcongDSC02276.jpg picture by vanthanhcongDSC02292.jpg picture by vanthanhcongDSC02278.jpg picture by vanthanhcongDSC02279.jpg picture by vanthanhcongDSC02286.jpg picture by vanthanhcongDSC02288.jpg picture by vanthanhcongDSC02274.jpg picture by vanthanhcong


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