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October 30, 2008

Pit babes – qúa đã !

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Most women are horrified when they see another girl wearing the same outfit. Not these girls.

The Aussie Grand Prix

It’s normally quite annoying to find your path blocked by oncoming pedestrians. Not in this instance.

The Cannonball Run

Spot the girl who was expecting a warmer forecast at the start of the Cannonball run.

Top Gear

You’ve got to hand it to those lollipop ladies, they have really stepped up their game.

Left or right?

In a recent survey 32% of men claimed they preferred blondes, the other 68% said they’d take what they could get.

The two girls pictured earlier are joined by two equally good looking associates.

A recent survey found that 100% of women who turn up to an interview wearing a jacket in this manner are hired.

Most men would be on an assualt charge for attempting the above. Most men aren’t millionaires.

Is there any real need for the man in the middle? And why isn’t he wearing knickers?

These pit babes appear to be blocking the exit of a driverless car. It’s not an offence.

You park up and pop to the shops only to return and find two women sitting on your vehicle. Most annoying.

This girl cleverly disguises herself as a tyre so as to blend into the background.

All zipped up with no place to go.

Not many women can get away with wearing a pair of yellow hot pants. The same goes for men.

Some pit girls are more than prepared to
pitch in and help the mechanics.

Not many women can make a figure hugging orange body suit work. This woman has largely succeeded.


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