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October 30, 2008

người đẹp thể thao – ngày ấy và bây giờ

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sport babes – past and present

(người cũ và người mới, chứ ko phải là cùng 1 người khi già đi)

The leggy blonde princess of modern tennis.

The prom queen of Wimbledon back in the 70s and early 80s

A racy lady in every sense – she could be the first woman to win the Indy 500.

She was the fastest woman in the world in her day – her nails often reached the finish line first.

One of Britain’s biggest hopes for 2012 has a lot of support behind her.

The golden girl of British swimming as a teenager, she still whips on her costume now and then.

She may have blue blood but the reigning BBC Sports Personality of the Year catches the eye.

Did you watch Olympic gymnastics in the 1980s? Thought so. Could it be because of plucky Brit Suzanne?

Top golfers don’t all look like Monty and John Daly, you know

From the Trabant-heavy streets of the DDR to the pages of Playboy, 80s icon Katarina took a lengthy journey.

Russia’s all-conquering pole vault champion attends so many awards ceremonies it’s surprising she wasn’t at the Brits.

She never won much on the court but made a mint off it thanks to her post-Soviet saucy Russian charm.

The darling of the ice rinks, her Winona-esque cuteness has made her a fans’ favourite.

The epitome of athletic womanhood, Ottey’s statuesque form dominated the sprint scene for two decades.

Our tip for tennis’s next lads’ mag darling: Serbia’s raven-haired beauty who can play a bit too.


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